Away from general news and into a spotlight of sorts:

The Audi S5 we just got is probably my favorite thing. Not 'my favorite thing about my job' or 'my favorite thing to drive', it is my favorite thing. 100% hyperbole status. Why, you may ask, am I so enthusiastic about this particular car? Well, aside from the 350hp V8 engine and short/wide wheelbase, this beauty is AWD. Now you may ask, why am I now extolling the virtues of all-wheel-drive? It is JUST A DRIVETRAIN. No, Mr. C&TD reader, it's NOT just a drivetrain. AWD is a whole universe all its own. Your FWDs and RWDs can perform excellently, especially if you can get the weight down and maximize your power-to-weight ratio. But the drawback is that you are still only applying torque/power to 50% of the available wheels. This means two entire wheels are being neglected when they CAN and SHOULD be helping you get going. Coming around a corner? In an AWD car, your front wheels are actually PULLING you around it, while your rear wheels PUSH you around it, helping prevent understeer/oversteer and keeping those wheels working for you. In a straight line, the traction/static friction is effectively doubled, ensuring maximum acceleration before losing grip and spinning the wheels. A RWD car is like pushing a wheelbarrow, a FWD car is like pulling a wheelbarrow, and an AWD car is like not having to deal with a wheelbarrow. Lose the wheelbarrow. Also put a 350hp engine on it. So in conclusion, driving an Audi S5 is like driving a wheelbarrow with a V8, 350hp engine in it, without the wheelbarrow. Clear enough?