Afternoon C&TD followers. I'd like to take a moment to elaborate on a few of our principles and strategies here at First, we support and love our customers 100%. Without you guys, we would not have been able to build a company that has served Boerne, Texas, and the greater United States for so many wonderful years. This is our passion, and we are eternally grateful for being allowed to do what we love. One of the ways we say 'Thank You' is our Lifetime Engine Warranty. This warranty not only gives our customers peace of mind, but it gives us peace of mind too. We sleep much better knowing that we offer a better coverage/service program than practically anyone in the automotive industry. Our advertising budget was almost completely reappropriated toward offering this warranty to you at no cost, and the bold decision has proven itself to be a great idea, year after year after year. There is nothing that makes us more proud than for a previous customer to bring in a friend or family member. We understand the level of trust that has to be present for that, and we have made it our top priority. There are entire families enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our warranty coverage, each in the perfect vehicle for them, at the most competitive rates available due to our equally excellent financing options. We are in the business of happy customers. See for yourself!