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Jeeps and Water, Best-Friends!

Well, Boerne, it looks like we are in for at least a couple days of heavy downpour. Don't let the weather get in the way of your plans, come get a Jeep (except water-crossings on roadways, absolutely let those get in the way, don't risk it!)! We have a whole fleet of Jeeps that can tackle nearly any obstacle (again, except water-crossings, be safe) paved or not. In their lengthy history of production, Jeeps have earned a reputation for being EXCELLENT performers in water-logged areas that other vehicles get stuck in. The huge tires, high-suspension, light weight body, high-torque, elementally-resistant, and short wheelbase make Jeeps PHYSICALLY better offroaders. It's just a feature of the design. And if you get water inside, Jeeps are famous for how easily drained/cleaned they are! Oh, and when this stuff finally drains out, the 4x4 drivetrains will certainly help in getting your neighbors out of the mud! Get a Jeep! Be more neighborly!










Jeeps are a Utility Too!

I talk a LOT about Jeeps, I love em, you love em, we all love em. They are just way too much fun not to talk about at every opportunity. But today's talk is going to be more utilitarian in nature. Jeeps can DO stuff... and sometimes that ''stuff'' is completely necessary. We all know about the rescue teams and park rangers that use Jeeps, but did you know Jeeps can also do a little farm work? If the tractor breaks down, and the hay needs rollin', what do you do? This. 

The Finer Trucks In Life...

I hope the weekend is treating our C&TD fans well. I've discussed our affordability and financing options quite a bit lately, and we take immense pride in serving all of Boerne's vehicular needs. But now I would like to discuss some of our flashier pieces, some of the trucks that turn heads and make impressions. Trucks like our new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, who boast all of the newest features and options the industry offers, like full-tech packages and LCD dash/media centers. Yes, this is an extremely attractive truck to an onlooker, but what that onlooker doesn't always see is the incredible interior in this truck. Stitched leather and a layout that feels MUCH more aggressive than typical trucks, being much closer to a sportscar than a typical truck. Yes, it has the 4X4 drivetrain, the ultra-functional bedlined-bed with extender,  with and the clearance you'd expect from an offroader, but it FEELS like a much tighter and sportier car, like a Camaro. These new Colorados certainly set themselves apart, and I really must urge you to come see it for yourself, I could write a novel and still not do it justice!

Audi S5

Away from general news and into a spotlight of sorts:

The Audi S5 we just got is probably my favorite thing. Not 'my favorite thing about my job' or 'my favorite thing to drive', it is my favorite thing. 100% hyperbole status. Why, you may ask, am I so enthusiastic about this particular car? Well, aside from the 350hp V8 engine and short/wide wheelbase, this beauty is AWD. Now you may ask, why am I now extolling the virtues of all-wheel-drive? It is JUST A DRIVETRAIN. No, Mr. C&TD reader, it's NOT just a drivetrain. AWD is a whole universe all its own. Your FWDs and RWDs can perform excellently, especially if you can get the weight down and maximize your power-to-weight ratio. But the drawback is that you are still only applying torque/power to 50% of the available wheels. This means two entire wheels are being neglected when they CAN and SHOULD be helping you get going. Coming around a corner? In an AWD car, your front wheels are actually PULLING you around it, while your rear wheels PUSH you around it, helping prevent understeer/oversteer and keeping those wheels working for you. In a straight line, the traction/static friction is effectively doubled, ensuring maximum acceleration before losing grip and spinning the wheels. A RWD car is like pushing a wheelbarrow, a FWD car is like pulling a wheelbarrow, and an AWD car is like not having to deal with a wheelbarrow. Lose the wheelbarrow. Also put a 350hp engine on it. So in conclusion, driving an Audi S5 is like driving a wheelbarrow with a V8, 350hp engine in it, without the wheelbarrow. Clear enough?

New Awesome Stuff!

I know I'm a couple days early here, but we here at CarsandTrucksDirect.com greatly appreciate the fantastic July you kind folks gave us! We moved more vehicles than we thought we would, and we almost ran out of inventory entirely. I know ya'll saw our ghost town, and we can't get mad that you infinitely intelligent folks just HAD to have our trucks. They're beyond awesome afterall... We hand-pick each vehicle we carry, and that can cause a bit of a backlog on resupplying, but we got the stock back up again for August! We got a couple Tacomas, which are extremely difficult to find right now, as well as a few duallies and lifted beasts... but you know what I fell the most in love with? Our new AWD Audi S5. That little thing is incredible. We also got a few more AWDs, including a couple Subie Outbacks, one AT and one MT. And of course we got Jeeps, we can't seem to keep those for very long at all, which is a shame because they look really good sitting outside my office window. But I guess they look better sitting in driveways, or on mountains, or in creeks, or sideways on a big rock. So come check out the amazing pieces at C&TD that we know you'll love athttp://www.carsandtrucksdirect.com/newandusedcars.aspx…

Oh, and we do still have the amazing Lifetime Engine Warranty that always keeps the customers happy!