At Cars and Trucks Direct, we understand that Jeep lovers aren’t like other people. That’s why we call ‘em “Jeeple.” Jeeple have middle names like “Danger” and last names like “OhyesIdid.” They crave adventure –the kind only a Jeep can deliver. Jeeple are self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies who leap tall buildings in a single bound. They go off-roading with the local Jeep club on the weekends and proudly wear their mud like a badge of honor to work on Monday.

Yes indeedie, Jeeple are a special kind of folk. You see, the average car buyer takes certain things into consideration when buying a new vehicle. They’re on the hunt for specific safety features. They focus on things like gas mileage. They want to know if the backseat is spacious enough for the oversized car seats they bought the kiddos. Not Jeeple. Those who have been afforded the special privilege of owning a Jeep understand that Jeep is a way of life. So…..when it comes to picking the right ride…..Jeeple have other things in mind.

Jeeple want an all-in-one vehicle: something with a sleek look and sophisticated style they can be proud to drive to the office, coupled with a mechanical make-up capable of leaping those tall buildings we mentioned earlier. Jeeple need 4WD with the kind of pulling power that comes with a V6 engine. They need a Lifetime Engine Warranty just in case they overdo it during one of their Jeep-sca-pades. Jeeple need a lift kit for traversing the natural terrain they have become addicted to. They want a full-size spare alloy wheel in back for those rare occasions when they catch a flat catching sunsets at Big Bend. Jeeple want a built-in navigation system to help them find their way back on those days when they set out to get lost. They want a removable hard top so can feel the sun on their backs when they take their Jeep to the coast for a dip. Jeeple also need a heavy-duty winch in case they need to get pulled from quicksand if they take things a little too far.

Jeeple, we don’t need to tell you what you need in a Jeep. You already know. We just wanted you to know that we get you…… and we gotchu. Come take a peep at our new Jeeps.