In addition to our new inventory, we picked up a few seasoned pros to help us handle it all. Scott, our new Sales Manager, has an established record in automotive sales spanning over twenty years and will make sure our customers get the absolute best vehicle at the best price. He knows this business inside and out, so whether your question is technical or practical, Scott can certainly help you out! Johnny also came on recently. Raised in Louisiana and an Army veteran, Johnny is a good ol' boy who knows trucks and 4X4s extremely well after years of working with them in both the public and private sector. He can offer excellent guidance to anyone from a diesel gearhead to a college freshman looking for something economical, you'll just have to forgive the Cajun accent... And finally Gil, our newest salesman comes on to help us manage our customers' needs. He has an established record in big-ticket sales and knows that customer support is the key to satisfaction. Send him an email and see what he can do for you today!