You may have noticed our new inventory, or have seen any of my announcements for it. I would like to elaborate on the pricing and financing for a little bit. First, yes, we do carry a whole new fleet of AWESOME trucks, 4X4s, Jeeps, and AWD funboxes, but we still have our phenomenal financing department ready to help anyone in any situation. We can accommodate first-time buyers, low-credit, no-credit, perfect-credit, whomever. Our financing department will scour the beautiful hillcountryside and find you the best financing for YOU. We also welcome prequalified buyers, but don't be surprised if we can offer better rates, we are very good at helping people get what they want out of their money. And yes, we do carry the impressive block-bully trucks, but we also have a stock of practical/commuter (but still fun!) cars under $10k. So whether you are a seasoned buyer looking for a new toy-puller, or a parent looking to send a kid off to college in something economical, we will work for and with you!