Thank you for your patronage! We have enjoyed serving you with great cars, trucks and SUV's since our dealership began. But, all good things eventually come to an end, as they say, and so we decided now was a good time to say goodbye to the car business. Over the years we have made a lot of people happy, made quite a few friends and managed to enjoy ourselves and the rides we found, created and brought to you. We thank you for your support and encouragement and want you to know that we'll still be around for a little while longer as we wrap things up. And as a famous character once shouted, "So long Partners!" 

If you have a question, please contact us by email at: Please be sure you include your name and contact information in addition to the questions you'd like us to answer. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need assistance with your Lifetime Engine Warranty, please call 1-(800) 222-2721.
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